Will the Real Allah Please Stand Up

Googling “Quran Classes Online” for a web-based model, the opening web page, Surat Al-Fatihah, web page 1, line 6, has Mohammed’s prayer, “Information us to the straight path -The trail of these upon whom You may have bestowed favor.”

Looking the Online Quran School, the Surat has 222 references to Moses and 68 references to the Torah which the Jews acknowledge as Moses’ 5 books of instruction, Genesis (the e-book of beginnings) by Deuteronomy-the e-book of the regulation. In Genesis, Allah/God/Elohim (Hebrew for God) bestowed His favor on Abram, altering his identify to Abraham, that means father of many countries.

Wikipedia helps Ishmael as the daddy of Arab nations, and Islam celebrates Al-Adha, a ram sacrifice commemorating Ishmael’s being spared in Abraham’s check when a ram was discovered and sacrificed to spare his son. However within the Torah (Genesis written by Moses, revered by Mohammed) Isaac was spared. Is the Bible proper, or is Islam right? They cannot each be true on this level.

Luckily we do not have lengthy to search out out. God says He declares the tip from the start and the account in Genesis 22 is expanded in Daniel 8, a chapter additionally cited by Christ when He was requested in regards to the finish of the world in Matthew 24 and He urged us to grasp Daniel.

In Daniel 8, Gabriel tells Daniel that his imaginative and prescient of a ram and goat is “on the time of the tip.” In it, a militant ram will get stomped and its horns get damaged. Daniel 8 says the horns are the kings of Media and Persia, however in the present day, these areas are Iraq and Iran, areas the place Islam is militant and this prophecy is half-fulfilled with the dying of Saddam Hussein, the king of Media/Iraq.

This helps us see what God mentioned, there’s none like Him, declaring the tip from the start (Genesis) and His means to take action clearly establishes Him, the God of the Bible, because the true God.

However what of His promise to make of Ishmael an ideal nation additionally? Wikipedia exhibits his descendents as “the Arab peoples residing in Arab territories,” so this is also true. However as a result of Ishmael got here from a bond girl when Abraham’s religion staggered at God’s promise as Sarah was very outdated, Ishmael was not the son of promise or of the covenant.


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