I Don’t Accept Slavery As My History

So I’ve had this debate a couple of occasions over time. As a younger educated black man I…

“reject slavery as my historical past”

and refuse to establish with it. I do not settle for slavery as my historical past.

“I establish with historical past pre-slavery”

through which there are numerous nice position fashions and accounts of historic contributions to the civilizations of the world together with medication, science, astronomy, arithmetic, hygiene, philosophy, spirituality and extra.

Additionally opposite to common perception yoga mythology continuing education course has it is origins in Africa not India or the West. I state this merely to interrupt the stereotypical views that each one these non secular practises usually are not common. It originated in Africa however the observe was and is worldwide.

Virtually immediately with out considering or reasoning, folks react in a presumptious means & bounce to the conclusion that I am rejecting my heritage and all black historical past. They do not understand that subconsciously they’re saying that I ought to establish with struggling, captivity, being regarded as lower than others, lower than human and have a low opinion of myself.

What does slavery train me about my heritage and the place I got here from? What did black folks achieve from slavery(pretend black historical past)? What’s Curt Soul rejecting?

Lack of self love
Damaged households
Damaged Lineage
Lack of tradition
Lack of identification
Lack of unity
From the record you’ll be able to see that I am rejecting a bunch of negativity.

What did Black folks and the world achieve from actual black historical past?

Self love
…and the record goes on. So now are you starting to see why I select to establish with historical past pre slavery?

In case your little one might solely select one record to establish with, which record would you urge them to select?

My historical past didn’t start with chains

Earlier than slavery you’ve gotten black Kings & Queens, Dynasties, colleges of thought, non secular practise however most significantly respect and historic achievements to be pleased with. There’s greater than 100,000 years of black historical past documented with cultures and tribes such because the Dogon, Pygmis, Watusi’s, Olmecs, Moors (who dominated Spain for 800 years), Kemetians (true Egyptians), Nubians and plenty of extra.

A black particular person I establish with is Imhotep. he lived 5000 years in the past (pre historical past) and is documented because the worlds 1st Multi-Genius. Imhotep was a health care provider, scientist, healer, astronomer,mathematician, architect, carpenter, sculpture, excessive priest, thinker, poet, chancellor, engineer and extra. He had effectively documented surgical procedures 1000’s of years earlier than the so known as Greek founders of medication. The truth is the traditional Greecians pay homage to him.

Figuring out with greats like Imhotep allowed me to aspire to greatness and goals & potential with out limitation, not acceptance. Whereas rising up figuring out with slavery taught my thoughts to think about the world and potential in a restricted means.

I really feel it can also make you develop up not feeling ok/equal as a result of your figuring out with nothing. Your taught that different races have a historical past of accomplishment, tradition and most significantly contribution to the worlds development. The worst factor slavery did was to chop off the peoples historical past. For those who was a Chinese language slave you could possibly nonetheless look to China and have a tradition and identification to establish with. For those who have been a Jewish slave you could possibly nonetheless look and have a historical past and tradition to establish with. Nevertheless in the event you have been a black slave you had no clue what to establish with. They have been dehumanized, handled like animals. Raped, tortured, mentally and bodily abused and taught nothing however pray to the picture of those who enslaved them. Their fathers have been both unknown, lifeless, offered off or secretly the very grasp who continued to enslave them and their fellow slaves. These points nonetheless stick with it immediately with black folks having a excessive fee of damaged, fatherless houses. Africa is a large continent with varied cultures, international locations and attributes. As a black slave you had no concept of the place you got here from advert no means of discovering out and so connection to the basis was misplaced.

The widespread perception is that the western world civilized the black race through slavery and that earlier than this black folks simply lived within the bushes with no information. The truth is the disrespect goes thus far that just about all black accomplishments have been suppressed, altered, stolen and wrongly credited so once more I stress the purpose ought to I establish with this lie? An instance of that is just about each film about Egypt or any biblical film. All of the African characters are performed by white People, which subconsciously applications the lots to think about these characters as white. Subsequently whenever you consider the pyramids, Moses, Imhotep and different nice issues you don’t establish them with black. Even the person known as thrice nice, multi-genius & polymath (Imhotep) was utterly disrespected within the movie the Mummy the place he’s portrayed as evil, loopy and shock shock NOT black.

After slavery it turned laborious for the world to just accept anybody or factor of nice significance as black as a result of the entire world was systematically brainwashed into forming a low opinion of black folks. The world was taught that black folks have been uncivilized beasts and demons not human.

Why would a King need to settle for the notion of the slave being the creator of the philosophies he lives his life by?

To just accept slavery as my historical past means to just accept being an uneducated captive, regarded down upon by the world as my tradition and heritage.

In colleges, schools and different types of training programs your taught in regards to the tradition and accomplishments of a race as historical past. Nevertheless in the case of black historical past your solely taught in regards to the persecution and enslavement of black folks. NOTHING is taught about tradition and historic accomplishments. There’s additionally an outrageous perspective in direction of optimistic black issues. If I converse of something of significance being created by blacks the concept is ridiculed and dismissed instantly with out a 2nd thought. If I mentioned the Chinese language constructed the rail street all of us say how nice that’s, If I say the People invented the Airplane we are saying how nice that’s, If I say the Historical Greeks have been nice architects all of us say sure that is true BUT if I say Africans constructed the pyramids we are saying no that is not doable and If I argue the purpose I develop into labelled “afrocentric” or racist which is ridiculous. What’s much more ridiculous is that some folks say that Egypt is not in Africa. I really feel it is because our unconscious is closely programmed by Tel-Reside-Imaginative and prescient applications and mass media just about from start.

If I taught historical past I would not train the Holocaust as Jewish historical past, I’d train it as a horrible occasion that occurred to Jewish folks. I would not train the invasion of Manchuria as Chinese language historical past, I’d train it as a horrible occasion that occurred to Chinese language folks. So with that thoughts set you’ll be able to guess what I am about to say.

Why is slavery taught as “black” historical past?

Why is it not taught as a horrible occasion that occurred to black folks? Slavery would not even account for 1% of black historical past but it is portrayed because the 100%.

I REFUSE to have a low opinion of myself, my tradition and my story (thriller).

The world realized arithmetic, science, philosophy, medication, spirituality, structure and plenty of extra issues from Africans. It is closely documented by EVERY tradition, there’s a phenomenal quantity of black historical past lengthy earlier than slavery but it isn’t taught as black historical past. We’re all programmed to reject something pre slavery as black historical past.

Otis Boykin (1920-1982) invented the digital management gadgets for guided missiles, IBM computer systems, and the pacemaker.

George Washington Carver invented peanut butter.

Lewis Latimer (1848-1928) invented the carbon filament which is a vital a part of the sunshine bulb.

Granville T. Woods (1856-1910) invented a train-to-station communication system.

Jan Ernst Matzeliger (1852-1889) invented a shoemaking machine that elevated shoemaking velocity by 900%!

I did not know this stuff and I wager most of you studying this did not.

As a toddler I beloved studying about historic Greek historical past and mythology, I used to be obsessed (I’d later uncover that each one that I beloved truly had it is roots in MY historical past). Earlier than age 16 I had no concept that there have been black kings, queens and dynasties. I had no concept their have been black Gods and non secular programs. It was solely once I started wanting into it and studying that I started to unravel the thriller of the story that has develop into a forgotten historical past. Now I do know a lot of my historical past and cultures and stand as a proud black man with love of self and thus I can and do present like to ALL RACES. The humorous factor is that the data will not be actually hidden, folks simply haven’t any incentive to look.

The rationale that is necessary to me is as a result of irrespective of your race, understanding self is necessary. It lets you love and be pleased with who you might be. Which lets you present like to others. The one purpose all of those wars and injustices occurred over time all through the world is develop into any person all the time needs to be larger than/superior to any person else.

“There isn’t a racism, solely ignorance”

When you cease ignoring the truth that we’re souls not colored our bodies, you may see others as a part of one huge household and hate/ignorance/racism will now not exist solely unity.

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